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Hi, I’m Deb. Back in 2002, when my business went full time online, I was called Debby and my domain was my legal name – Debra Augur. Alex Mandossian (my first big client) bought the domain for me as a present. I had been working with him for a little while when he advised me that my last name was easily misspelled (usually with an “er” instead of a “ur”) and my first name, Debby, could be spelled in a myriad of ways (people are SO creative!). He said I should use Deb, and my domain should say what I do.

That was potent advise! Think about it.

My background was in graphic arts, production art (magazines) and later, advertising. Changing over to web design was a natural fit. All I had to do was learn HTML. That was then. Today (all these moons later) I specialize in WordPress because it is tremendously easy for my clients to edit their own pages and post blogs themselves. How frustrating for them to even try to change a single word or date in HTML.


In my 19 years of full time web work, I moved myself up the ladder from simple “designer” to what I refer to as a “developer”… meaning I do so much more than design and build WordPress websites. We’re talking e-commerce, permission marketing, video and audio editing, membership sites, social branding and so on.

I’ve taken more classes from the “gurus” and learned so much about building a full blown web presence, how to effectively offer products and services online, and the HUGE importance of follow up, than I learned in my college years earning two degrees. (Marketing and Accounting – yah, I know, me? An accountant? My folks always told me I needed a degree in something employers would value! Haha! So much for that!)


I first came online in 1996 and I dabbled in teaching online… all stuff I was learning myself! Best way to learn is to teach. My classes were about “surfing the web,” using email and building your own homepage, and it was free — I was still working a J.O.B. at the time. I did well and my classes were rated in the top classes offered online. My very first class had 1,239 students – and some didn’t even know what a “keyboard” was! Tons of FUN!

From there I was deep diving into learning and mastering the art of web design and development. In 2002, my then part-time business grew to More Than Full Time and I no longer had to work any J.O.B. (Eureka!)

You might think six years to make it online was a long time, but in between I decided to be a “hippy” and I moved to the mountains and lived in a cabin where there was no electricity or internet service. I loved it and was a happy hippy for two plus years. I still taught classes but had to go to the library to use their computer.

What happened? Well, at some point, you have to grow up, get real and make a living! However, it’s imperative to love what you do!


It was July of 2002, I was living in a weekly studio apartment in Las Vegas (great city to regroup in!), living on credit cards, when everything started falling into place. While I was at the tiny kitchen table working away on my computer designing websites for anyone who would hire me and at nearly any price, I was “discovered” and semi-contracted (and mentored) by Alex Mandossian (such a wonderful and gracious man!) and through him, worked with Armand Morin and half a dozen other gurus of the time.

Since then, I left Las Vegas, started moving more and more north (California through Oregon) and in 2004 bought my home here in Washington State. So, basically, you could say that in two years, I went from next-to-homeless to buying a fabulous home on 2.5 acres in rural Western Washington surrounded by nature. Can’t even see a neighbor, though they are there, tucked away behind all the trees! My dream, ever since childhood, was to live “where trees grew wild”… I’m still here 17 years later! The longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. I’m well-traveled in this country… have lived in 12 states (coast to coast), 53 cities. Where are you from? I’ve probably at least driven through there!


Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? Who doesn’t want to rarely (if ever) deal with a commute in traffic, deadlocked on a highway that seems more like a parking lot? Who doesn’t want to be able to give themselves a raise when it’s deserved and not just when your boss feels like giving you one?  I had enough of all that!!

Besides the obvious I just stated, I love what I do! Nuff said? Ah, yes, TMI, right? Well, you didn’t have to read it all!

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