A Radical Idea

An idea has no worth until it’s put into action…

It’s likely that you’re here because you have a business idea you believe is worth pursuing.  Excellent! I want to help you do just that… build, launch and grow your new business.

And I am not going to ask you for money. This is not a sales pitch! It will be worth your time one way or another…

A Radical Idea

An idea has no worth until it’s put into action…

It’s likely that you’re here because you have a business idea you believe is worth pursuing.  Excellent! I want to help you do just that… build, launch and grow your new business.

This is not a sales pitch! I am not going to ask you for money. It will be worth your time one way or another…


First, a very short story as to why I want to help you:

Let me set the scene…

July 2002 in Las Vegas, blistering hot outside…

I sat uncomfortably in a vinyl-covered 1970s style dinette chair, hovered over my computer atop two stacked plastic bins filled with all the belongings we had left in the world. My husband, now an ex, just landed a job working for a construction company. He needed our only vehicle to get around town to various job sites.

We were broke and my credit cards were nearly maxed out, but there was enough on one to pay for a few weeks in this tiny kitchenette on the east side of the strip. Without transportation I was stuck due to the intolerable heat. My ex thought I should still go out and get a “normal” job and did not support my my idea to start a business online. I felt it was my only option.

God was with me, I know this, because within a few days I had my first paying client.

Okay….You may be asking, “What’s this got to do with anything?”

Starting an Online Business

Well, there have always been, and will most-likely always be, many people in similar situations (better or worse). Too many jobs don’t offer a livable wage. I want to be part of bringing an end to that inequity. I want to offer a way for idea people, who don’t have tons of money, to invest in their dreams without spending their savings or maxing out their credit cards. That’s why…

I’m launching a movement

During the 19+ years since those hot summer weeks, my business grew beyond expectations. All these years I’ve been helping entrepreneurs build their online businesses (and getting paid quite well for it). I’m a successful web developer with massive experience, education and savvy working behind the scenes with multi-million dollar corporations and entrepreneurs alike.

My goal today is to help entrepreneurs create their own successful online ventures… in a different way.

Up until now you’ve had three choices as a new entrepreneur getting ready to launch your business.

  1. Go it alone and find your way by trial and error.
  2. Hire a web developer, like myself, pay money in advance of your launch and when complete everything else rests in your hands alone.
  3. Sign up (and pay $2K or more) for one of those online group programs that give you permission to copy their tactics.

Now you have another choice. A better choice

Sure, I could create an online paint-by-numbers course like your third choice above, but I don’t want to do that. Two reasons:

1. On the personal side, my experience getting started myself, the pandemic where so many lost their jobs, and the palpable angst feeding a societal shift to what’s being called the “great resignation,” both haunt and inspire me.

2. You need so much more than pre-written templates, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, “watch-over-my -shoulder” videos, and more than a few of your questions answered on open calls (that is, if they’re not replays and you get a turn to ask).

You need to create your brand, design and build your website and landing pages, write copy, build a list and a funnel, integrate a payment and follow up system, set up digital delivery methods, conquer marketing and social media, and that’s just the beginning… none of which are included in the 2K step-by-step course that, to me, is profoundly lacking. And, you’re on your own… “Here’s what to do, go do it.” (YIKES!)

Knowing the statistics of building a successful business online, I can only imagine how many have risked and lost that 2K. It’s a sad fact that less than 13% of those who sign up for online courses complete them – frustration, overwhelm, life, or circumstances get in the way – worse yet, more than 90% of new businesses fail within the first 120 days.

Those of you who have gone through any online group programs know what I’m talking about.

After attending a passion-filled sales webinar, making the decision to sign up (or not) is a hard and emotionally-charged one. “Will it help?” There’s no money back guarantee when it’s over.

I’ve heard you and I understand.

Here’s the thing…

How could I, in all good conscience, create an insufficient course like that and ask people to pay at least 2K to (hopefully) learn how to turn their idea into a business when statistically success rates are generally less than 10%? I can’t. I won’t.

I have a different way of doing things. I always have.

Zig Ziglar wrote:

“You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

I intend to do that.

If you believe you have a good business idea, here’s mine:

  • We work together
  • Your idea, my web skills
  • Neither of us pay each other
  • We share the “risk” of the time spent working on your idea
  • We agree on a percentage split of the resulting business income
  • And consider a future buy-out option so you can continue growing without me

It’s as simple and as radical as that. You deserve better!

You don’t pay a dime unless you make money. It’s me investing in you.

Obviously, I can’t (won’t) take on everyone.

I have a few key questions I ask you to consider. Ones you may know the answers to now, or need to consider. It’s 100% confidential. After reviewing your questionnaire, and if your idea is something I can support, I’ll reach out and we can set up an appointment for a preliminary discussion.

Don’t keep waiting for someday, go HERE now.

P.S. Curious to know what dreams of mine came true?… that Vegas kitchenette has long been replaced by my 3,300 square foot home I bought on 2.5 lush landscaped acres surrounded by forest, rivers and mountains in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I redecorated and re-furnished my home (twice), and bought a brand-new-never-been-driven Subaru SUV straight off the showroom floor. I’m not rich, by any means, but wealth was never my goal. It still isn’t. Living life in integrity and doing the work I love… I have that. What more could I ask for? I’m exactly where I want to be. (Btw, this dramatic transformation happened in less than a year.)

Success can happen for you too.

You can do this!

Are you ready? Click HERE.