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About Deb

WordPress Developer

I was fascinated by the web and jumped on in 1996. Seeing the potential, I offered a class on “How to Build Your Home Page.” 1,259 students registered! I was rockin’ and rollin’  (even though it was free). July 2002, I launched my professional full-time web design business. (WordPress released in 2003!)

The switch to WordPress (from HTML & PHP) was the best decision I ever made. It is a brilliant website creation platform to work with. More importantly, it makes it easy for my clients to have the power to edit and add to their sites… they LOVE that. I love it when their happy!

My Story

How I Got Started

The first time I decided to sign up for an online marketing event, my purchase didn’t go through. I tried again. No dice. Next thing you know, the guru hosting the event called me. We had a lovely chat. He ended up hiring me to edit his eBook series and create graphics for them, along with covers for his CDs. Next thing you know, he referred me to other well-known gurus. Big Break!

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What I Do is MORE THAN

WordPress Design & Development

I’m a successful web developer with massive experience, education and savvy working behind the scenes with multi-million dollar corporations and entrepreneurs alike.

My prior background was in graphic design, magazine production artist and advertising. It was a natural fit to change my focus to what I’m doing now. Over the years, I have added a wide variety of additional skills, as you can imagine. Basically anything you need for a business online, I do.

My rates are very reasonable, I don’t take months to complete a project, and I’m a problem solver, responsive to your needs (without nickel-and-diming you).

Beyond that, I am a social entrepreneur deeply devoted to social change and impact. There are many, many idea people who are so gifted but have limited resources, which stops them from taking their impactful ideas through to reality. So, I help them whenever I can.

I am also a supporter of Kiva, Meals on Wheels and Wikipedia, among others. Please join me!