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The switch to WordPress (from HTML & PHP) was the best decision I ever made. WordPress is wonderful to work on, more importantly, it makes it easy for my clients to edit and add to their own site… they LOVE that. And I love making them happy!

I came online in 1996 and started teaching a free class on “How to Build Your Home Page.” With 1,259 students that first year, I felt like I was rockin’ and rollin’ big time (even though it was free). It was years later when I graduated to a “professional” full-time web designer. July 7th, 2002, to be exact. (WordPress released in 2003!)

My Story

How I Got Started

Before webinars, gurus sold their wares via teleseminars. The first time I decided to sign up for one, the purchase didn’t go through. I tried again. No dice. Next thing you know, I got a phone call from the marketing guru hosting the event. We had a very nice chat, and he ended up hiring me to edit a couple of eBooks and create graphics for them, along with covers for DVDs and CDs. Next thing you know… he referred me to other gurus. Big Break! Oh… he also gave me access to the teleseminar for free. (Marketing was a much less relentless pursuit back then! Those were the days of the wild, wild west!)

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