Common Source Codes

Even if you have no interest in coding, these are some common HTML codes you will most likely need at some point.

Please note, these need to be used only in the Text tab of the page or post, not the Visual tab.

Copyright symbol ©: & copy; (remove space after ampersand)

Non- breaking space:  

Line break: <br>

Paragraphs: open <p> close </p>

Horizontal line: <hr>

Link: <a href=”exactURL”>Text for Link</a>

Highlight: <mark>Word or Phrase</mark>

Cross Out: <del>Subject</del>

Bold: <b>Bold<b>

Italics: <em>Word<em>

Heading tags:

<h1>Post Title</h1>,

<h2>Section Title</h2>,

<h3>Sub Section Title</h3>

<h4>sub sub section</h4>


  • Ordered (numbered) Lists: <ol><li>list item</li><li>list item</li><li>list item</li></ol>
  • Unordered (bulleted) Lists: <ul><li>list item</li><li>list item</li><li>list item</li></ul>

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