Your Strategy on Social Media is what counts!

Consider the reason you want a presence on social media. Might sound silly at first, but too many people don’t give it a second thought. I mean… it would seem obvious, right? Not.

Social media requires a strategy for it to be of any benefit to your business. So, your first step should be to create a comprehensive social media strategy and then measure your results. No strategy? No way to measure!

Haphazardly posting will not do you or your business any good. Why waste your time or your readers’ time? What we’re seeking is direction. And not just any direction! Beneficial direction that positively impacts our business is what we want.

Once you’ve gained clarity – for the reason behind why you’re using social media – stick to it! Be consistent. And be yourself!

Authenticity, i.e. being yourself, will attract the kind of people you want to reach. For example, ask a friend this question: “Tell me how can I change who I am with you so you will like me more?” Your friend would most likely look at you as if you’re crazy… “What? I already like you for who you are, we’re friends! Don’t change!” (Great! Now don’t you feel better knowing that?) Authenticity is a strategy that hopefully comes natural to you.

Social Media strategies to include might be (and I hope they are):

  • building awareness of who you are
  • and what you have to offer
  • creating and building your audience
  • bringing more traffic to your site
  • connecting and engaging with your community
  • increasing sales

That should get you started… brainstorm, check out what some of the “influencers” in your niche are doing… respond to comments… respond to posts others create… be a part of conversations… be consistent… don’t hide your expertise… be real… be you!

Social media is not the be all, end all, of marketing strategies, but it can definitely be your leg up. Consider boosting posts from time to time, especially if you’re proud of what you came up with.

If you’re short on time, or can’t think of anything to add, you can always add a quote. People love good quotes, particularly uplifting, motivational ones… or funny ones! (Google “quotes for social media posts.) Whenever you find yourself attracted to something you’ve seen or read online that suits your niche, share it on social media.

(Think Frank Kern) A highly effective social media strategy is to post three times a day:

  1. How to post
  2. Inspirational post
  3. Offer post

Be clear on what you want to accomplish and keep that in mind when you post. Your audience will grow, as well your reputation.

So, get going!… think through your strategy, make goals, measure results. You’ll see the results by an increase in interactions, likes, comments, shares and so on. Facebook and Instagram are often the top two, but that’s not the case for all. Figure that out too… where should you post the most? And don’t stretch too far. Two or three social media platforms will work beautifully… if they are the right ones for your niche.

Understand that it takes a while to build momentum. Don’t give up because giving up means you have zero chance of success. Staying the course means you will most definitely succeed.

It’s not luck. It’s persistence that pays.

(P.S. My next blog post goes deeper into the recommended three post types here.)