This Marketing Mistake is one of the most common a lot of online businesses make and need to avoid, like trying to reach absolutely anyone — and please everyone — without success.

That’s marketing mistake #1.

To succeed, you must understand your business, the value it brings, and the right people to target – your audience, aka your niche. Identify people who will be interested in what you offer and market to them. Think back as to why you were first interested. The answer to that question will be a big step in identifying your most appropriate audience. Don’t be general! Think details.

Specifying your audience helps grow your business by ensuring you provide what your prospects want.

Your next step is to define your audience based on things like gender, profession, age, interests, geographical location, and such. We’re talking who, what, when, where and why. You’ll be providing the “How.”

Consider your product or service. What problem does it solve? And what value does it bring?

The only way to turn visitors into customers is to get them interested in your offer and make them see the value your product brings.

Identify your value proposition.

Make it clear what your business stands for, how it operates, and why your audience would want to do business with you. Find a way to separate your offer from other similar ones.

You need to identify potential customers needs and cater to them. Understand their most common challenges and help mitigate them. Again, be specific!  And put that right up front on your landing page or home page. Don’t make them guess because they won’t. If you don’t meet them where they are immediately, you’ll lose them within seconds.  Create a strong, clear headline and place it where visitors can’t miss it. Expand on it below that but I recommend keeping it concise. Know this… people SCAN web pages to see if they are interested to learn more. Help them do that!

Marketing to a specific audience who has a specific need that you offer to solve allows you to easily identify and meet customer needs and gain their interest. This helps you quickly and effectively raise brand awareness, generate more leads, build brand loyalty, and boost sales. Define your audience and avoid trying to advertise your business to everyone.

Avoid this all too common marketing mistake and you’ll immediately start to improve your results.

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