Do you think WordPress is only for small web sites and blogs? Because it’s not. Really, really is NOT.

Hi, I’m Deb and today, while I talk about the reasons you will want to use WordPress, I’ve assembled an All Star cast up of awesome websites that you probably never thought would be powered by WordPress – but they are.

Did you know WordPress now powers 43% up websites it is the fastest growing CMS on the market CMS means content management system and I’m going to give you 4 reasons we’re using WordPress.

Why WordPress #1

Admittedly one of the biggest selling points for using WordPress is that it’s free. If you want more advanced features there are themes and plugins and other tools to add in for free and low cost options.

WordPress is free because it is an open source project. Launched in 2003, it comes with tremendous beneftis. It’s frequently updated easily customized and extensively tested. What more could you ask for?

And there’s a huge community for awesome support!

#2 – It’s Easier

It’s very user friendly. Learning something new is often intimidating. Even if you’ve never done anything like this, rest assured it’s easy to understand and get started with WordPress. It is simple to navigate on the inside from writing content and installing themes and plugins.

Because of it’s Power – #3

Mighty power, highly versatile, and incredibly flexible. This is the reason WordPress is my platform of choice. Out of the box it works like a charm but there are countless ways to increase its capabilities with themes and plugins. Whatever functions you need for your website, consider it handled. There are thousands of easy to find solutions available many of which are free in fact there’s over 50, of them.

I will cover plugins and themes in upcoming videos so stay tuned for that but in case you’re wondering I use the Divi theme 99% of the time when I build websites for my clients

Security – #4

WordPress security features. This platform is built with security in mind and updates are published on a regular basis to address any, not to mention give us cool new bells and whistles

Why WordPress WebsiteSide note… to be able to continue making these videos to help you build your website, design it, expand it and grow your business, I need to show YouTube that I’m offering content of value. What that takes is subscribers and thumbs up/likes. I’d really appreciate your help with that… cool?

OK we’ve covered why WordPress, if you have any questions put them in the YouTube comments or contact me, I will answer. I specialize in WordPress websites large and small. I’m sure I can help you.

God bless!