Being online for as long as I have, I’ve listened to many, many sales pitches by marketers (gurus, mavens, influencers…) over the years. While most everything online keeps changing, one thing seems to remain the same. Relentless marketing!

So, I’ve heard pretty much everything “they” have to say (sell). But I still attend their webinars. Not that I expect to learn anything new. Though, one can always hope! I get the sense that marketing doesn’t change (much). There’s nothing new under the sun!

The reason I attend these marketing webinars is to hear / read what you have to say. I read through the chat box and listen to answers to those questions that get through to the host… because it’s a great way to stay in touch with the audience — to understand what you’re thinking and feeling.

It’s actually a little difficult.

I cringe at times (dismayed or sympathetic) from the host’s words and reading the chat (respectively). I see how often marketers choose to respond to chat questions that move their sales pitch forward. They are quite adept at using your questions to address “objections” in advance of the sale. (Good strategy, but rather cold.)

An example: On a recent marketing webinar I attended, I asked the question, “I’m an introvert, extraordinarily one. How could I do what you do so well?”

It’s a common objection for more than a few of us.

The high energy, very excited answer was, “Oh my gosh! I love that question. I’m actually an introvert myself! If I can do it, you can!”

Um. Yeah. Right. And that was that.

Then, as they bring on past students to share their successes with you, one may notice the half-dozen (or so) speaking are but a tiny portion of the number of people who have been through the online course they keep selling. Does anyone do average?


The general statistics for student success relating to online courses is incredibly low. On average, only 13% finish the course. (Seth Godin mentioned it’s 8%.) Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean those who didn’t finish the course, never started their business. However, statistically less than 10% succeed in business for more than four months.

So, here’s the thing that really bothers me… If these online courses are not helping most people accomplish what they bought the course for, why would marketers keep herding people through continually? Thousands of people take these courses, most of which cost $1,997. (There are usually higher level courses afterwards if you want more help — much more expensive, of course.)

The proof is in the pudding, folks.

I’d love it if marketers shared REAL statistics. Wouldn’t you? It’s the right thing to do!