Is Google My Business right for you? Will it support your marketing?

This free service by Google applies to businesses with a physical location that people can actually visit or a business who will go to visit the local searcher. In other words, if you have a business that runs solely online, a Google My Business listing is not available to you. However! If you do offer products or services to YOUR local area, even if you don’t have a storefront, you CAN list your business. For example, I’m a web developer with a global clientele. I live in Washington state and have a few “local” clients who I can actually visit. Someone who actually does that CAN get listed.

If you do business “locally” on any qualified level, here’s what to do:

See if you are already listed on Google My Business. If not, open an account and get listed!

If you are listed, you’re not done. You need to optimize your listing and keep it current! A lot of businesses don’t realize that they can add posts to their listing BUT those posts expire and fall off the listing after one week. So you need to post at least once per week to benefit your marketing strategies and keep your message in front of the eyes of your customers who search for what you offer.

What you need to do:

    • Personalize your profile
    • Post hours, location, contact information
    • Show up in “near me” searches (local)
    • Respond to questions and comments
    • Ask customers to add to your reviews
    • Increase your visibility on Google (local)

The #1 benefit of Google Local is that it shares your information with customers seeking like-businesses. Marketing!

How can you improve your chance for getting listed locally when you are web-based? Put it in your website content… write about

  • where you live
  • local places you like and why
  • local events, associations and clubs
  • local charities
  • nearby tourist spots
  • get creative!

I was once contacted by a local car dealership about working with them on their ever-changing website. Sounded great, until I found out they were actually looking for a full-time employee. Um, no thanks! LOL

I was also contacted by a nearby city (I live in a rural area) to create a website about our local artist’s sculptures placed around downtown. That was awesome! So don’t get stuck in the mindset that since you are a “global” business, you can’t be considered local. And remember… competing for search engine rankings are much easier locally! Just a thought.

Whatever you decide what to do with this information, always be on the lookout for positive ways to support your marketing efforts!